Lauren Williams Photography
Lauren Williams Photography

About me to write a biography without sounding pompous!?!?


I don't think it's really possible so I'm just going to give you the basics. Born and bred in Dorset, I somehow got my way upto Coventry to study Communication, Culture and Media. Covered everything from popular music, advertising but most importantly photography!


I left Uni with a 1st Class BA with Honors (however you say it, yes I'm clever and proud!) to go work on Cruise Ships for a while. If anyones reading this and thinking about it I would say DO IT! It's be the best thing I've ever done! I saw a hell of a lot of the world, saw many things and made friends with many people. Most importantly it gave me the chance to take amazing images!!!!!


I don't really know how to class my own images, I've really put them in order of location for ease. I tend to think of projects backwards, i.e. I'll shoot, shoot and shoot and see what I end up with...I know on a good day I could easily take 200! so my projects come from the images if that makes any sense. I think the closest I can compare it to is Social Documentary. I have a taste for the banal, for comedy and anything that perhaps is everyday but in that moment looked weird (in a nutshell!). Technically I'm not a mastermind, I know what I like and if I like what I see I shoot with whatever I've got...Nikon D90, old school film Pentax or Holgas have all given amazing results.


Love Photographers such as Lee Friedlander, Sally Mann, Garry Winogrand, old schools such as Robert Doisneau, Edward Weston and Robert Frank never fail to inspire either.


So that sums up about it, if you enjoy the website (admittantly I know it's not amazing) I'm glad, if you think anyone else would then pass it on. If you don't, bothered.